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Where are the CICADAS?

green river aquatic insectsThis is a common question at this time of year when cicadas are nowhere to be found.  As one of the local weathermen described May as cold and rainy.   That is the answer.  Cicadas are predicated upon heat and sunshine.  If it was rainy or snowy in the case of this May, we can assume there was a lot of cloudy days.   Also, it was down right cold a lot of the month.  I only put ice in the cooler a few times.   With the forecast predicting warmer, drier weather in the next 10 day we will soon see if there will be any cicadas to be found this 2010.

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A Few Cicadas and other Terrestrials

cicada, green river
Even though the water is still running high around 4500 cfs a few of the fish have started looking for the big bugs.  I have seen ants, beatles, hoppers, and cicadas on the water this week.  While not in big number it is enough to peak the interest of some nice fish.

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When is the Best Time to Fish?

20 inch BrownHere is a question I get a lot!!! My standard answer is that is depends on how you want to fish. If you want little dry flies the answer has to be, BWO's in april. If you want to fish big dries? Mid-May to mid-June and hope that there is a good Cicada hatch. Otherwise, July and August tend to be the best big dry months. If you just want to catch fish, April, May, and June the fish seem to be the most active. If you want to avoid the crowds, mid-October to mid-April on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The best time to catch big fish has to be late fall and winter. They start to show themselves during the day time. With that brief summary, I think that the best time to fish is before a weather front comes through. It doesn't seem to matter what time of year it is, the fish are very active before the front. As soon as the front comes through they can shut off immediately. If possible, no matter the time of year, try to plan your fishing adventures around the weather. When is the best time to fish? Let the weather show you.

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Cicada (Homoptera; Cicadellidae)

Cicadas have been out in force the last few days and the fish are starting to eat them well. They are the smaller cicadas around a size 8. They have less orange in them than the picture below. This picture of a cicada goes a long way in describing this trout treat. These smaller cicadas (platypedia) live anywhere from 3-7 years in the ground feeding on the roots of trees before they emerge. The are considerably smaller than there eastern counterparts whom make many headlines in the news. They tend to be a size 8 or 10, possibly even smaller with less orange on the wings. We also have a 13 year cicada (magnifica) or sometimes referred to as a mondo cicada. In years where they emerge it usually occurs in late June or early July. The magnifica cicada is much larger than the platypedia and is about a size 4 or 6. When a cicada emerges from the ground it will climb on to a branch, warm up, and the males will use timbals located on there back to perform a mating call. The smaller platypedia makes a clicking sound, while the magnifica sounds more like a power line buzz. This hatch make the Green famous, so if you fish it, you won't be alone. It's worth it though. I have been told many times this past couple of months that it was the best dry fly day of someone's life.

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What a Great Terrestrial Year

Photobucket This has been a fantastic terrestrial year. We have had cicadas and hoppers over the last two months in large numbers. While the last few cicadas are coming to an end on the B section, there are still plenty of hoppers out there. There have been more hoppers on the water than in the last few years. Generally in August other terrestrial patterns work, such as: Ants, catapillars, and beetles. You may have to search a little more this month for the right terrestrial. With a little work you can find the right one to get a few fish to rise.

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Terrestrial season begins...

Cicadas, hoppers and ants have started to become common on the river the last few days. Big dry flies are a major part and attraction here on the Green. It's been a banner blue wing year and now it's time for a little larger dry fly. A few days ago I found three cicada's, 15 flying ants, and a couple of hoppers. When fishing at this time of year you will often here the chirp of crickets. So keep an eye and an ear out, and you'll find a big trout treat to imitate. Good luck and enjoy.

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