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When is the Best Time to Fish?

20 inch BrownHere is a question I get a lot!!! My standard answer is that is depends on how you want to fish. If you want little dry flies the answer has to be, BWO's in april. If you want to fish big dries? Mid-May to mid-June and hope that there is a good Cicada hatch. Otherwise, July and August tend to be the best big dry months. If you just want to catch fish, April, May, and June the fish seem to be the most active. If you want to avoid the crowds, mid-October to mid-April on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The best time to catch big fish has to be late fall and winter. They start to show themselves during the day time. With that brief summary, I think that the best time to fish is before a weather front comes through. It doesn't seem to matter what time of year it is, the fish are very active before the front. As soon as the front comes through they can shut off immediately. If possible, no matter the time of year, try to plan your fishing adventures around the weather. When is the best time to fish? Let the weather show you.

Posted on 3/17/2009 under bwo, cicada, dry flies, hatches, green river

An August to Remember

This has to be one of the better August's in recent memory. While the fishing is always good, the catching has been great. Dry flies, nymphs, and even streamers!!! I have caught fish in all sorts of different ways. The most fun has been skiddering caddis at dusk with my brother-in-law Bradley. We didn't catch a lot of big fish, but the fish we caught hit hard with a lot of spirit. The terrestrial fishing has been good to great, with a few days being ridiculously good. A friend of mine pumped a stomach and found five different terrestrials in the fish. I have seen seven or eight different terrestrials on the water. I haven't used nymphs and streamers too often, but they have been very productive to say the least. If your itchin' to catch some great fish on terrestrials, take advantage, the dries are still fishin' good.

Posted on 8/25/2008 under terrestrials, dry flies, caddis, skiddering