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Hunt, Fish, or Both

Flaming Gorge Elk Here in Flaming Gorge country it's the time of year when the men of orange show up. No, were not at a Tennessee football game, but there is enough orange to fill the stands. Big game hunting has arrived. We welcome our hunting friends as many of them are flyfishermen and all around outdoor lovers. The archery elk and deer hunts have come and gone with success. Local hunting expert Kevin Clegg is featured here with a large bull shot on the first day of his hunt. While Flaming Gorge is known for great fishing, it has great hunting as well. The Three Corners area north of the river and east of the lake holds some trophy elk, as well as many bucks, and some moose (this is a draw area). Flaming Gorge and the Green River are known for trophies as well. Trophy trout that is. Flaming Gorge holds the state record for Lake trout (51 lbs.), Brown trout (33 lbs.), and Rainbow trout (26 lbs.). The river isn't far behind behind with 25 and 29 lbs Brown's having been caught. Whether your here for the trophy big game, trout, or both, enjoy the outdoors and be safe!!!

Posted on 10/17/2006 under brown trout, rainbow trout, elk