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River on Fire, fishin'on fire

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The Fall colors are brilliant and great fishing has begun.  As the Brown's and Fall spawning Rainbows approach their reproductive cycle,  late season dry fly fishing will be on for the next couple of weeks.   This occurs almost entirely on B  and C sections.  It's one of my favorite times of the year. Come check it out.

Posted on 10/15/2013 under fall fishing

Thanksgiving on the Green with KSL Outdoors

Posted on 1/05/2013 under green river, fall fishing

As the weather cools...

When the weather cools the fish start to change some of the habits. Eating streamers or eggs (even though there aren't any in the water) will become common. Nymphs that are red seem to work well as it gets colder. The fish will move into slower water. The fall blue wings (psuedos) will become more prolific. The rafts are gone, but more fishermen will show up. Cold fronts will come through with fishing being really good before the front and slow after the front. We should see some snow soon and the next day will be really hot again. There will be less terrestrials as the frost appears. Most days will be crisp in the morning and comfortable the rest of the day. There will be more orange than at a gators football game. Remember, be prepared for all different types of weather. Bring a softshell and a coat. I love fall. What a great time to be outdoors!!!

Posted on 3/17/2009 under fall fishing, bwo, eggs, blue winged olives

Fall has Arrived

green river, fall fishing What a great indian summer day this was. We spent the afternoon picking off risers with grasshoppers. The fish were rising to size 24 bwo's, but were willing to take the occasional terrestrial floating by.

Posted on 3/06/2009 under green river, fall fishing