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Green River Fly Fishing Report for May 15th, 2017

Green River Drift boat photo GreenRiverdriftboatcast_zps89f994b3.jpg

6600 steady, expected to rise to 8600 on the 25th
  midges, BWO's, few cicadas
Red Creek: clear

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Ratings on this report will consist of excellent, great, good, fair and poor. Green River Brown Trout, Fight a brown below diving board rock

A-section: Good

 Dry flyfishing has been  to Fair.  The fish are in pods of risers.  Use midge clusters and BWO's.   There have been a few willing to eat a cicada as well.

Gulper Special #20
Adams #20
Morgans Midge #22
Griffith's Gnat #22
BWO Cripples 20

Nymph fishing
has been Good. 
Still a few midges around, but scuds have been most effective in the mornings.  In the afternoon fish BWO nymphs and emergers. 

Zebra Midge Wine, Black,  #14-22
Gray Soft Hackle #16-22
Ginger Woolly Bugger #6-8
Ginger Bunny #6-8
Pheasant Tail #16-18
Barr's Emerger #20-24

Black and olive have fished best of late.  Fish deep and slow in large seams. 

BWO rise photo peanutbutterrise_zpshnyhb1pw.jpg

B-Section: Good

Dry flyfishing Same as A Section

Dry Flies to use:
Same as A

Nymph fishing
has been Good.
Same as A

Nymphs to use:

Red, Brown, purple or Wine zebra midge #14-20 (always a good choice on this section)
Insert favorite midge pattern here #18-22
Ginger Woolly Bugger #6-8
Ginger Bunny #6-8
Pheasant Tail #12-14
Copper John #16-18
Olive RS2 #22
Gray, Red, Black, Brown WD40 #20-22
Neon Nightmare

Streamers: Good.  Dark colors have been best.

C-Section:  Fishing has been spotty

C-section flies to use:

Zebra midges #14-20
Green River Para Cricket #8
Brown Trout Streamer Macro photo streamermacro copy_zpsa5a0kqvh.jpg Mormon Cricket 2-6
Black, Peacock, Royal PMX #4-12
Hoppers #4-12
Fat Albert (tan and black) #6-10
Stimulators #10-12
Brown Chernobyl Ant 4-12
Triple Double, Double Ugly #6-12
Mormon Cricket #4-6
PT's #12
Red or Brown Zebra Midge #12-16
Black or Ginger Woolly Bugger #2-6
Black, olive or ginger bunny #2-8

Streamers: Good Try black or ginger buggers or bunnies. Choose your favorite large streamer.  Best in low light conditions.
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