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Green River Fly Fishing Report for May 28th, 2019

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1100-2600, Soon to be 8600
Red Creek: murkey

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Ratings on this report will consist of excellent, great, good, fair and poor.

A-section: Good

 Dry flyfishing has been  to Fair.  The fish are in pods of risers.  Use midge clusters and BWO's.  If you can find risers, they have been willing to eat. 

Gulper Special #20
Adams #20
Morgans Midge #22
Griffith's Gnat #22
BWO Cripples 20

Nymph fishing
has been Good. 
Worms, Scuds and BWO's.   BWO's are down to size 20-22.  There are always midge larvae in the drift.  Try zebra midges in black, brown, wine and purple 16-20.   Scuds are mostly olive/gray size 16-22

Zebra Midge Wine, Black,  #14-22
Gray Soft Hackle #16-22
Ginger Woolly Bugger #6-8
Ginger Bunny #6-8
Pheasant Tail #16-18
Barr's Emerger #20-24

Black and olive have fished best of late.  Fish deep and slow in large seams. 

BWO rise photo peanutbutterrise_zpshnyhb1pw.jpg

B-Section: Good

Dry flyfishing Same as A Section

Dry Flies to use:
Same as A

Nymph fishing
has been Good.
Same as A

Nymphs to use:

Red, Brown, purple or Wine zebra midge #14-20 (always a good choice on this section)
Insert favorite midge pattern here #18-22
Ginger Woolly Bugger #6-8
Ginger Bunny #6-8
Pheasant Tail #12-14
Copper John #16-18
Olive RS2 #22
Gray, Red, Black, Brown WD40 #20-22
Neon Nightmare

Streamers: Good.  Dark colors have been best.

C-Section:  Fishing has been spotty

C-section flies to use:

Zebra midges #14-20
Green River Para Cricket #8
Brown Trout Streamer Macro photo streamermacro copy_zpsa5a0kqvh.jpg Mormon Cricket 2-6
Black, Peacock, Royal PMX #4-12
Hoppers #4-12
Fat Albert (tan and black) #6-10
Stimulators #10-12
Brown Chernobyl Ant 4-12
Triple Double, Double Ugly #6-12
Mormon Cricket #4-6
PT's #12
Red or Brown Zebra Midge #12-16
Black or Ginger Woolly Bugger #2-6
Black, olive or ginger bunny #2-8

Streamers: Good Try black or ginger buggers or bunnies. Choose your favorite large streamer.  Best in low light conditions.

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