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Epic BWO Hatch? Here's the setup.

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High Water Fishing

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When high water hits it's time to throw most of our traditional tactics out the door.  The one exception would be cicadas.  Some times there are enough cicadas out there to pull some fish to the surface. Historically, fish are reluctant to rise while the bypass tubes are running.  We, as guides and fishermen, usually resort to deep nymph fishing with scuds, worms, and eggs.  Lots of food has been dislodged and the fish are taking advantage of the abnormally large food items in the water.  High water is likely to end  by the first of  July.

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Trophy Trout: A lighthearted view on pictures.

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Thanksgiving on the Green with KSL Outdoors

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Watch Trout Unlimited on the Pipeline threat.

 I asked Charles Card, the Trout Unlimited Northeastern Coordinator to talk about the proposed pipelines that are current threats to the Green.   There is a little wind in the sound so I apologize. Check out the TU site for this issue 

Check out future dates for the Green River Road show on their website.Photobucket

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2011 Green River thoughts by DWR

I asked Matt Mckell, biologist here on the river to share some thoughts about the river this year.   The Audio isn't very loud so you will have to turn up the volume.

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Green River Rainbow Trout Stocking 2011

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8600 cfs and the Associated Fishing.

  Many people have not experienced flows this high and have shared concerns with the fishing.   Ofttimes the dry fly fishing is non existent, at least for a few weeks.   The indicator fishing can be very good as a lot of food is dislodged in the river.  Large items such as eggs, worms, and large scud become coveted item by the fish.  This can make for some great fishing.  Also, because the fish have to work harder in the fast water they are more opportunistic and more aggressive.  So far the first few days of fishing at 8600 have been fantastic.        Long term,  occasional flushes seem to be beneficial to the aquatic life in the river.   Past data has shown larger hatches the years following a extremely high flow.   We are hoping to see the same as a result of mother natures gift of  an abundance of water.  

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At Your Leisure Spot

Here's a segment from a Utah TV show that we did in late August. 

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Green River Video

Check out this great video done by the Salt Lake Tribune in conjunction with the Division of Wildlife Resources.   It has some great underwater footage.

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