Green River Fly Shop


All outfitters work under a special use permit issued by the Ashley National Forest. Each guide must be licensed by the Utah State Parks and work for an outfitter that is a special use permit holder. Each legal guide will have a green GROGA sticker and outfitter logo on their boat. There is a limited number of permits and each outfitter is allocated a certain number of trips based on historical use. Special use permit holders are: Flaming Gorge Resort Trout Creek Flies, Green River Outfitters, Eagle Outfitters (all three are run by Denny Breer) Old Moe Western River Flyfishers Spinner Fall Green River Drifters Flaming Gorge Recreation Services Trout Bum2 Each guide does there trips a little differently. Some shorter, longer, different fishing methods, do or don't provide flies, etc. All services do provide lunch and non-alcoholic beverages for the day. If you have a preference, let the outfitter you are contacting know.

Posted on 3/06/2009 under guide service