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Late Evening Caddis

Here on the Green we aren't known for great caddis hatches. While we do see some caddis the best hatches happen right before dark during the summer months. Skittering a caddis just before dark can be one of the most entertaining way to catch fish. I love watch fish launch out of the water to aggressively attack the fly. It 's a nice change from the dead drift technique we use most of the time. Skittering is done by stripping and popping the rod tip up and down to make the fly jump or dance on the water. You can also skitter the fly by letting it swing and holding the rod in place at the end of a drift. Most of the caddis are around a size 14 and come in a variety of colors. I have found tan or olive elk hair caddis' or stimulators to work just fine. When the fly is skittered I don't think it matters all that much anyway.

Posted on 8/06/2007 under caddis, skittering