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Winter Flows

As many of you have noticed the  flows have changed as of November 8th.  The BOR has implemented a double peak flow upon request of  WAPA.    During these flows there are some studies going on to try and determine the effect flow change has on the fish.   I am happy to say that these studies are happening do to a combined effort between the guide association, WAPA, and Utah DWR.    So far  I have not seen a significant change in the fishing do to these flow changes.   It may have a greater effect when the winter hatches begin and the spawn is over.  Please let us know any feedback you have through email or at a local flyshop. 

Posted on 11/19/2009 under green river, stream flows

Thoughts on Flow Meeting from June 11

   Before I get into my thoughts,  Let me share some positives as it relates to fishermen.    We were able to get stable water temps by the moving of the selective withdrawl gates.    This had an immediate and noticable  impact on the fishing for the better.  Secondly,  the timing of the fluctuations were changed so that there would be a longer period of consistent fishing during the day time.  As of today,  there should be consistent fish from  7:00 am to 5:30 pm  if you are floating or wade fishing Little Hole.  The times would be  two hours earlier around the Dam. 
      As I observed and participated in what I would call a passionate meeting regarding the flows on our beloved river,  I noticed that my views of  the people involved,  evolved.    I greatly appreciated all the time and effort to make this meeting happen.  I gained some confidence in the Bureau of Reclamation,  while losing any confidence I had in the power company (western area power administration).   While the Bureau has a difficult task of trying to balance the many entities using this unique resource, I got the feeling they where trying to do their best to try to satisfy everyone.    I think part of my animosity towards WAPA was the fact that their representative rubbed me the wrong way.  Constantly over generalizing, being disrespectful towards others, and sort of telling the truth doesn't gain my trust.   He also made it very clear that WAPA's customers were more important than the guides customers or forest service customers.   This was particulary worrisome as he continued to refer to fishermen as the "trout people".   In my view he had objectized the fishermen to the point that he didn't view them as human beings with thoughts and feelings in order to justify his economic choices.   In the end it was clear that WAPA would willing to make some timing adjustments on the flows as long as they didn't have to give up any money in the end.  WAPA made it very clear their financial well being is more important than the local economy surrounding the dam.    I hope we can continue to find common ground in the future. 

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Streams Flows: We need your help.

The stream flows have been increasing significantly every afternoon over the last 10 days. I have received many emails concerning the flows. Please send any concerns to Heather Patno at She is the decision maker in this process. They (the bureau of reclamation) drop the water to 800 cfs over night then increase it to 2800 cfs by 1:00 pm. This increase is timed to get peak pricing for power and thus make the most money. As is often the case, it's all about the money. In this case, it's more money at the fishermens expense. This increase is 30% higher that any other year. 30% more water= 30% more money. This increase ends catching for the day. Then when the big drop occurs over night all the fish stay in the deep middle. This allows for very little dry fly opportunities along the banks. We need the help of all fishermen to let the bureau know that we care about the fishing on this great river. Please give Miss Patno an email and let her know your feelings on the subject.

Posted on 6/07/2009 under stream flows, green river