Fishing Report

Flows: 8600Hatches:   a few Sallies and Cicadas are starting to appearAny questions contact me at greenriverflyfisher@gmail.comRatings on this report will consist of excellent, great, good, fair and poor. A-section: Good Dry flyfishing has been  to Fair.Dry Flies to use:Gulper Special #20Adams #20Morgans Midge #22Griffith's Gnat #22BWO Cripples 20Nymph fishing has been Good. ... read more

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Flyfishing on the Green River

Fly fishing, guiding, hiking, climbing and taking pictures Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam here in eastern Utah is what this site is all about.  The goal is to help users have a successful Green River experience.  My hope is that the information found here will be helpful to DIY guys as well as those seeking professional assistance.  My name is Ryan Kelly.  I have guided the Green River for 15 years, fished it for over 30 and I am currently managing at Trout Creek Flies in Dutch John, Utah.  Hopefully, this site will be of assistance, but if it does not suffice, stop by Trout Creek Flies and we'll get you set up to take advantage of the best tail water in North America.

High Water Fishing

When high water hits it's time to throw most of our traditional tactics out the door.  The one exception would be cicadas.  Some times there are enough cicadas out there to pull some fish to the surface. Historically, fish are reluctant to rise while the bypass tubes are running.  We, as guides and fishermen, usually resort to deep nymph fishing with scuds, worms, and eggs.  Lots of food has been dislodged and the fish are taking advantage of the abnormally large food items i ... read more